The Game Awards recognizes creative, technical and gameplay excellence in the video game industry across console, PC, VR and mobile industries.

How are nominees and winners selected?

Nominees and winners for most categories of The Game Awards are selected by 29 global media and influencer outlets. These publications submit ballots in a nomination and winner round, based on the collective and diverse feedback of their staff. Fan voting determines winners in select categories.

The following publications submitted ballots for The Game Awards 2016.

Entertainment Weekly
Game Informer
Giant Bomb
Kinda Funny
Kotaku UK
Rooster Teeth
The Los Angeles Times
UOL Jogos
USA Today

In eSports categories, the following outlets assisted in the selection of nominees. All winners in eSports categories are selected by global fan voting:

Dot eSports
ESL Gaming
The Score
Yahoo eSports

Frequently asked questions

What Are the Eligibility Dates for Nomination?

Games eligible for The Game Awards 2016 must be commercially released before November 24, 2016. Titles that are released after this date will be eligible for the 2017 Game Awards ceremony. (Similarly, games released after November 24, 2015 are eligible for the 2016 show).

Are game companies made aware of the nominees or winners in advance of the public?

No, game developers and publishers find out the nominees and winners at the same time as the public, including the announcement of winners live at the show. Game publishers and developers have no involvement in the selection of nominees or winners.

Is there an entry fee for nomination?

No, The Game Awards does not charge any type of submission or nominee fee.

Are voting publications given free or advance copies of games for consideration?

At the start of the Awards Season, game publishers and developers are given a list publications that will be voting on the awards. Publishers and developers are allowed to send out review copies or digital redemption codes for critical evaluation.

In order to ensure the credibility of the voting process, The Game Awards maintains a strict “no campaigning” policy. Publishers and developers are asked to avoid any communication that could be interpreted as “campaigning” for nomination. Publishers and developers may contact publications to provide access to games (or digital game redemption codes) and ensure receipt of said games, but must take steps to avoid anything that could be interpreted as “campaigning.” This includes, but is not limited to, sending voting publications “swag” or other memorabilia, inviting them to special events or meals/drinks where potential nominations are discussed, or flooding publications with constant e-mails or phone calls related to the awards. Any violations of this policy will be reviewed and may lead to the disqualification of a title or, in extreme cases, disqualification of an entire publisher’s slate from awards eligibility in a given year.

In some cases, publishers will give voting outlets the opportunity to receive advance or pre-release access to games for critical evaluation tied to the Awards process and balloting deadlines.

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